use extreme in a simple sentence

An extensive water-parting in the north central part of the state, an elevation whose inclination is almost imperceptible, determines the course of three great continental river systems. One district in the extreme north-west of Thrace lay beyond the watershed separating the streams that flow into the Aegean from those that reach the Danube: this was the territory of Sardica, the modern Sophia. Taken strictly his words state the position of extreme Nominalism; but even if we were not forbidden to do so by other passages, in which the doctrine of moderate Realism is adopted (under cover of the current distinction between the singular as felt and the pure universal as understood), it would still be unfair to press any passage in the writings of this period. Examples of Jargon in a sentence. We know now for certain that the great Tsanpo of Tibet and the Brahmaputra are one and the same river; that north of the point where the great countermarch of that river from east to west is effected are to be found the sources of the Salween, the Mekong, the Yang-tsze-kiang and the Hwang-ho, or Yellow river, in order, from west to east; and that south of it, thrust in between the extreme eastern edge of the Brahmaputra basin 94 23" 94°48' 94°49' 94° 58' and the Salween, rise the dual sources of the Irrawaddy. They occur also on the extreme north-western coast, in the Nurra. The Albigenses have received much sympathy, as being a kind of pre-Reformation Protestants; but it is now recognized that their tenets were an extreme form of Manichaeism. Source_VOA 1 680916 Tom likes the extreme cold of Alaska. Examples of Radical in a sentence. The extreme value possible for a is a right angle, so that for the microscopic limit we have Z X o/µ (2). - Derivative forms in which the reduction in number of the anterior appendages is carried farther than in the other orders, reaching its extreme in the Pycnogonidae, where the 1st and 2nd pairs are absent in both sexes, and the 3rd pair also are absent in the female. CK 1 18859 Don't go to extremes.Nero 1721051 It's an extreme case. The vine grows generally in France, except in the extreme north and in Normandy and Brittany. Learn To Write Sentences These online games will help kids to easily write short and simple sentences. The extreme depth of the strait approaches 50 fathoms, and it contains two small islands known as the Diomede Islands. On the faces of all who came from the field of battle, and of those who stood around him, Kutuzov noticed an expression of extreme tension. In this category may be placed head-deformation, which reached its extreme development among the Indians of North-West America and the ancient Peruvians; foot-constriction as practised by the Chinese; tooth-chipping among many African tribes; and waist-compression common in Europe at the present day. Real sentences showing how to use Extreme correctly. Later, however, Marguerite was established in the castle of Usson in Auvergne, and after the accession of Henry the marriage was dissolved by the pope. The extreme length of the limbs and the absence of a tail are other features of these small apes, which are thoroughly arboreal in their habits, and make the woods resound with their unearthly cries at night. Other passages, where he describes himself as ever engaged, even in his dreams, on his task of inquiry and composition, produce the impression of an unrelieved strain of mind and feeling, which may have ended in some extreme reaction of spirit, or in some failure of intellectual power, that may have led him to commit suicide. The training takes place during the first year, and the work is learned with extreme facility. His manner of life was simple in the extreme; his diet consisted chiefly of bread and milk and large quantities of coffee. Though a thorough and avowed partisan, he was within the party the counsellor of moderate rather than extreme measures, and thus gained on the whole a position of great influence. A simple sentence is a sentence that consists of just one independent clause. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Vocabulary.

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