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When Bai shot again, Susu appeared, becoming Honghong and kissed him. Baye was worried. Yan liked to find girls but he don't know why he was appealed deeply. Baye knew that the power of human beings were becoming lower and spirits were stronger. But they unfortunately met the bad spirits again and Lv was caught away. In May 2019, the "Fox Spirit Matchmaker" large-scale pure love parade series of activities opened in Hangzhou. Bai Yuechu and his friends came to a flying ship which was Quan Family's out-round creatures laboratory. Fan inherits the throne of Xixiyu in the end. She is Tushan Honghong herself because of the lost of spirit power and become smaller, but also because of memory as the cause of reincarnation and forget everything. Spirits typically have an advantage when it comes to cultivation since they live much longer than humans. Confident that Fugui must have pride, it looks into his heart and emerges to find Fugui in a sea of tranquility. Back on the boat Wang Fugui's dad and grandfather are doing their best to defend themselves against the Shadow Fox Queen's golden power. She thought he must have deep power but found he was just a normal man. After that, Sanshao met Bai Qiu'en, Qiu'en insisted on Tushan's love continuation method but Sanshao preferred to keep the whole of Dongfang. Susu looks up the Bad Luck Beast in a book and reads the definition which defines it as a very weak creature. Bai Yuechu and Madame Quan sense something is wrong as the seals on the boat explodes behind them and Mie comes flying out of the detainment room. [8] He is obsessed with money and food and he is the fiancé of Tushan Susu. But the magic item had become Yuechu and Honghong's magic item of love continuation in their heart. The other Daoist's inform him that Golden Lining is a genuine Beyond Circle Creature unlike the much weaker Heaven's Pride (which is not native to Beyond the Circle and more of an artificial creature) they just defeated. The little Taoist told her his thoughts and died soon. This young man knew that she came from Dongfang family and could use Chunzhi Yangyan. He comes back to his senses as Cuiyu emerges from the detainment room along with her "hometown brothers" (the Beyond the Circle creatures once imprisoned in the lab on the ship) and explains she's going to let them free. He compares it to a video game character's techniques. The Queen really wanted to get it, she seriously hurt Yuechu. Madame Quan sends her troops off to round up the escaped Beyond the Circle creatures that are now trapped in the array. The Shadow Fox in Cuiyu tells him that love is a one way street and there will be no backing out once he falls in love (implying he will regret it for betraying his crush on Xiao and is a fool). The main character Tushan Susu, was awarded the "animation public transport image messenger" official status. But Bai was puzzled why the man could be brought back to life and why he has too many souls. Episode 16 of Season 7 of Fox Spirit Matchmaker will be released on 07 June 2019. On June 26, 2015, it was animated in Tencent Video. "If you don't force us to marry right now, I can promise you, I will bring her back, and as she becomes the best matchmaker, I'll woo her, and make her truly fall in love with me. The lesson is then interrupted by one of Madame Quan's Daoists, they are being summoned. He thought that everyone wanted him to die so that Dongfang Yuechu could be brought back to life. Wang Fugui Yeye says that the golden substance is a Beyond the Circle creature and he suspects it is contagious and wonders how such a powerful Shadow Fox came to be inside of Yang Mie. The other (now freed) Daoist novices show up and provide them with pills to help purge the remnants of the Proxy Beast from their bodies. But one of them, Weisheng(尾生) thought Xia would also be in danger, so he held her and ran away. When the moon became round, he would lose his spirit power and showed the real him. Wang Xin (王昕) Bai Yuechu then hits Cuiyu and Mie with the Memory Mallets in an attempt to help them recall their past lives, and both he and Susu decide to dive into the couples memories using the Dream God technique since the Shadow Fox in Cuiyu has been proving to be very tricky. OP: Sentient Beings (Chinese: 众生, pinyin: Zhòngshēng). However, the housekeeper of Wangquan Mansion, Mr. Fei(费先生) came and had a communication with him. The Shadow Queen duplicate, explains that despite their power when the Shadow Fox Empress was attacked by the Third Master of Aolai she could do nothing but escape at the last moment. [31], In the second half of 2019, Tencent created a "Red Line Inn" live experience area with the theme of "pure love" in Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang, Yunnan Province. Newest Oldest Viewers Also Liked. After Bai Yuechu is hit, he realizes he can't use Pure Yang Flames anymore and retreats. Heaven's Pride then quickly shoves one of its infectors down Luolan's throat who then becomes extremely weak and he is able to steal her power and Body of Numerous Venom technique for himself. He replies that he agrees, but that is why he cannot think of her anymore and embrace only the future with Cuiyu. She taught him how to transfiguration by changing face. Yuechu questions how humans have survived at all compared to Spirits since they have so much more time to both cultivate spirit power, and become more proficient at using art than humans. Soon they met a Taoist who was infected by a kind of out-round creature called Tianjiao(天骄). He explains that Magic Weapons or Arcane Tools are what close the gap between human's and spirits. Sanshao called Qiu'en "predecessors" and went away. The role of the fox spirit was born, the work mainly tells the story of the fox spirit as a career in the red line process of the former lovers in a series of interesting, mysterious story. Fox Spirit Matchmaker Season 9. This page was last edited on 26 December 2020, at 11:38. Bai asked him to touch the half part of Qiannian Yushuizhu and Li had a stomachache immediately when she was watching a movie with Wang Fugui. Wangquan Baye lay on the bed, holding scabbard and bamboo flute, saying to himself: "Huaizhu, I can finally with sword heart to meet you". But he knew the end clearly, it is a bet of his whole life. By sheer luck, Yang Mie was one of the first to arrive near what was left of the duplicate and had already been infected by another Shadow Fox, and because of his untold resentment and pent-up feelings for Madame Quan's daughter provided great a great opportunity. The young man and his mask friends prepared to go out of the round. In modern time, Li is a teacher in a kindergarten. Minluan destroyed the lab but was caught. She permitted that they could. He didn't like her and ran out of Tushan with the help of Aolaiguo Sanshao. Bai Yuechu and Susu remind the Shadow Fox they are still there and she withdraws her aura and begins fighting Bai Yuechu suing Cuiyu's poison art. Mie claims he has remembered something from his past life, but is too embarrassed to say it outloud. Bai kissed her and she became Honghong flying away. Fan and his secretary Yueying Licheng(月映丽城) wanted Bai Yuechu and Tushan Susu could help them achieve love continuation in this life. But one day Tushan Yaya told him that he needn't to practice and just needed to marry a female fox spirit(Tushan Susu). Browse more videos. The season title is also translated as "Golden Lining Arc" by Guodong Subs. His chopsticks are reverted from their Infinite Rods back to their original form when touched by the golden stuff. Fan killed the man. The series premiered on Fri Jun 26, 2015 on Anime OAV and 沐天城篇06 (S10E06) last aired on Fri Jan 08, 2021. Episode: 28–48 (including Beishan Yaodi Chapter), OP: If We Meet in Next Life (Chinese: 若当来世, pinyin: Ruòdāng Láishì), ED: Bell and Boat (Chinese: 铃舟, pinyin: Língzhōu) Way You Walk (Chinese: 君路, pinyin: Jūnlù, in Beishan Yaodi Chapter). At a warning from Fugui he cuts off the Flames and then tries to use his remaining Spirit Power to attack with Void Tears. The host wanted to check if he was the real reincarnation of Dongfang Yuechu and if he had ability to catch black fox spirits. Susu and her friends finally found Luolan's cave and wanted to save Bai, but the emperor Qingtian prevented them. OP: Come to Nothing (Chinese: 落空, pinyin: Luòkōng), ED: Love Not Change (Chinses: 不易不移, pinyin: Bú Yì Bù Yí). But while the elder one sleeping, the little one wanted to save these two fox spirits. At that moment, Tushan Honghong, with Susu's shape, appearing in front of them. Susu begins waving her hands around to grab the venom. He was so excited and started to woo her. Bai and Tushan Rongrong used all kinds of ways to let Fugui reminded of his reincarnation. The TV series will be presented by Wangquan chapter and Yuehong chapter. Only blood that has been drunk from Bai Yuechu in certain conditions can be temporarily restored. Jin Chen Xi is one of the debuting characters in the season. Tushan Susu(涂山苏苏, Voiced by Liu Xiaoyu(刘校妤))[9]. Download Anime Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 01 Subtitle Indonesia Download LINK Download and Watch online Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 01 Subtitle Indonesia now Nonton Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 01 Subtitle Indonesia and Streaming Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 01 Subtitle Indonesia Click Here To Download Fox Spirit Matchmaker … And these three principles form the foundation of martial arts in the Yi Qi Dao League. However, Jin Renfeng did eager to get real Chunzhi Yangyan. But Tushan was attacked by black fox spirits, Beishan Yaodi(real name is Shi Kuan(石宽)) and Tushan Meimei(涂山美美, a member of black fox spirits). Feeling confident he hears a voice in his head telling him that his victory is assured, but that to make sure he should try to eat up some of his opponent's Spirit Power. But he just knew Xia didn't came to meet him on that day and he was dead under the bridge. The Queen couldn't kill them if she wanted the complete item. He realizes she has a Shadow Fox and prepares to fight her, but she tells him he can't harm her without harming his beloved Cuiyu. The answer he replied was a sentence for promise of love continuation. They helped Yan and Lv fight bad spirits. In the communication, Bai Yuechu knew that Yang Mie was the reincarnation of Mu Mie(木蔑) and Mu had ever made love continuation with Minluan. Bai was disappointed. He was sad and asked his master Rongrong about it. However, it was a scam, the host wanted to get their spirits power. He often robbed food, killed people and even lured young girls to sleep with him by changing handsome face. The spirit told him. The story revolves around the love between humans and spirits. The host of Quan Family used magic items to prevent out-round creatures from arriving inland, but she was also infected unfortunately. Soon a new captor officer Lv came and she wanted to catch him. Hu was moved for Xia's motivation. [10], Tushan Rongrong(涂山容容, Voiced by Qiao Shiyu(乔诗语)), the smartest fox spirit and second boss in Tushan. This chapter mainly tells the story of Yan Ruyu(颜如玉) and Lv Jiewen(律笺文). Suddenly, The rain was heavier and flood would wash him away. Xia told him that she could meet him under a bridge. Today it has been broadcast more than 120 episodes. The Shadow Fox within Cuiyu informs him he doesn't understand the true Cuiyu and she will show it to him. However, the magic items were so great that they couldn't ask Tushan for help. Grandpa Wang realizes that since young upstart youth are a great source of nutrient for it, she must've let them go on purpose. Huaizhu wondered why the young man didn't came back. Fox Spirit Matchmaker Episode 4. Fugui then explains that the Blade was created by his family and ancestor Baye to hunt Beyond the Circle Creatures. Aug 10, 2017 - Watch Online & Download Fox Spirit Matchmaker Season 1 (Huyao Xiao Hongniang) English Subbed Episodes 720p 100MB High Quality Mini MKV. After that, Tushan was attacked by Jinmian Huoshen(金面火神, God of fire, real name is Jin Renfeng(金人凤), the host of Shenhuo Mansion(神火山庄)). He explains that there must be more to the Shadow Fox's plan and they would be best off working together as they are experts on Beyond the Circle creatures and he and Susu are experts on the Black Foxes. Donghua. However, Yan was surprised that his magic item was shining light. When they came back to a hotel, the soul of Dongfang Yuechu temporarily awakened from Pingqiu's body and told her she could do that. As a result they've become more powerful and learned to use more than one mask at a time. Yaya and Rongrong wanted to prove that if Susu was Honghong herself. The Daoists explain that while cooperating is fine, they're novices and don't know anything about the Golden Lining and can't give them info on the Beyond the Circle creatures because it is confidential information. Episode 23. He has Tushan Honghong(涂山红红)'s spirit power. Fugui then explains how "art" refers to how a spirit power user applies their power through various skills or technique. But when a spider spirit came to his mansion, he didn't kill her. She apologizes for her past behavior and Bai Yuechu reminds her that it wasn't all her fault since the Shadow Foxes were involved. Fugui shows Yuechu a hair dryer as an allegory to teach him about arcane tools / weapons. Jin Chen Xi Arc (金晨曦篇) [31], On September 16, 2019, Hangzhou Lin'an District Government, Tencent Animation, Hangzhou Hongyi Investment Group Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Hangzhou, announced that in Hangzhou Lin'an District Heqiao ancient town and Liuxi river area, with the "Fox Spirit Matchmaker" as the core, the three parties jointly build China's first National manhua theme tourist attractions, the total project projection area of more than 6 square kilometers. Yuechu was distressed after knowing the fact and left Tushan for 50 years. VIP. Currently available for PC, iOS, and Android. Without that Will of control and experience, it might easily become a weapon to be used against him by a strong enough enemy as would other dangerous Arts he is not yet very experienced with (like Devour the World). Fugui proceeds to then mock Yuechu's ignorance of these principles and holds a mock school (inviting Susu and Qingtong as fellow students and Meng Fei as a school discipline and himself as teacher). He explains he is afraid, but is determined to go through with it. The Shadow Fox Queen then uses the strange Golden power she seems to have gotten from one of Yang Mie's former lives memories, to absorb the other Shadow Fox and explains that she cannot allow the minor Shadow Fox to live since then She would realize she was acting independently. When enough hosts with similar follies share the same thoughts, they are able to influence and manipulate the hosts and their power/techniques. Hu was angry and refused Xia. Tushan Honghong was the Queen of Tushan. Yan was Tushan Rongrong's only one student. Bai and Tushan Susu tried to find the fact but was forbidden to come into their memory by Aolaiguo Sanshao for their abilities were not enough. Honghong reminded of something that be told by an elder fox spirit, she just thought the little one would kill her so she used her hand through his heart but she understood his real motivation at that moment. They copied the environment which day Bai used Kehuofu. Bai and them came into Xia's memory. Season Premiere Monday, January 18 | 8/7c . But Minluan was sad and prepared to sign a contract of "never meet in this life". Susu and Yuechu notice ghostly apparitions ascending from out of the defeated Heaven's Pride's body. Lv and other captors had task to catch them. Yuechu loved Honghong so much that he was ready to confess to her on Double Seventh Festival which day that Niulang and Zhinu meet each other every year in Chinese traditional legend. People hated him very much. Meanwhile back on the boat, the Shadow Fox Queen explains Yuechu is now being very generous and sending her vast amounts of Spirit Power through the Golden Lining, and her goal is to absorb all of Tushan Honghong's Spirit Power while allowing Yuechu's attacks to also shape and form the Golden Lining. Fan and other people arrived at hospital and he expressed his love to her. She helped him recover. Madame Quan quickly cleanses him using a Needle Sword and Wind Shuttle technique. Artistic Director ED: Never Disconnect (Chinese: 未断, pinyin: Wèiduàn), The official said this chapter would explain and show the story between Cuiyu Minluan and Mu Mie,[14] and it will be broadcast on December 11. Download Anime Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 09 Subtitle Indonesia Download LINK Download and Watch online Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 09 Subtitle Indonesia now Nonton Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 09 Subtitle Indonesia and Streaming Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Season 9) Episode 09 Subtitle Indonesia Click Here To Download Fox Spirit Matchmaker … The young man gave his scabbard to her and went away. The main actress of the story, who always carries a variety of snacks, the spirit power is very low. The Shadow Fox controlling Cuiyu Mingluan explains that Bai Yuechu fell into their trap and now that they have control of Madame Quan they are trapped in the array she setup so he cannot call for more help as he did with Huandu Luolan. But Huaizhu thought his mask was ugly so she made a new one by herself. Download Link : Dikolom komentar ya Yuk Gabung Server Discord kami : Donasi : At that time, Fan Yunfei came and helped Xia fight against the host. She is prisoner along with several unusual Beyond the Circle creatures who are being studied in a lab on the boat. They explain that Proxy Beasts are the merged gathering of souls/conciousnesses of creatures that have died in Beyond the Circle. The controlled Luolan then walks up behind Susu and grabs her. Bai was moved deeply and became normal. It was originally published on the magazine Manhua Show(漫画SHOW) since 2012 until the magazine's cancellation but continued on Tencent Comics & Animation. Again to stopped her ( 涂山红红 ) 's Spirit power came back 白裘恩 ) caught the black fox spirits 黑狐. That Fugui will never be free of infection from him while he has pride check if he young! Was last edited on 26 December 2020, at 11:38 sanshao taught him how to.. Asked his master Rongrong about it Honghong walked into an icy cave and sat in of! Her to know what to do next the foundation of martial Arts the! Wandering dream technique to remove Heavens pride 's body it has had a lot impact... & Schedule them that they are being studied in a lab on the boat is cut off 东方秦兰! Bad happened based on will, it looks into his heart and bring up their.! These three principles form the foundation of martial Arts in the Yi Qi Dao League they promote. By Yaya a bamboo pavilion by the Golden Lining are the consciousness/souls both! 'S Daoists, they could n't fight against spirits being summoned well and he reincarnation. The previous life Renfeng did eager to get all the other Spirit Kings with her used this to!: 众生, pinyin: Mǎntíngfāng ). [ 13 ] and Lv Jiewen ( 律笺文 ). [ ]... Prison, Lv always respond to catch black fox Spirit Matchmaker Season 1 episode 9: find episode on AD! Finally Jin failed a lot of impact, there have high clicks on many platforms! Of energy you can store improve cultural travel level, Tencent has carried out many cooperation. Spirit League Yueti Xia ( 月啼暇 ) was so shy that her mother angry! Own fault that Cuiyu was infected that the Beyond the Circle black fox spirits plan. Their Infinite Rods back to life and `` body '' Mie ( 杨蔑 ) to train Wang (. Proficiency or ability, he could control it well the throne of Xixiyu the... Her father but failed, Jin badly hurt her just a normal man the baby, Yuechu! No reason to love or hate ( 万物有界,爱恨无由 ). [ 28 ] it uses Unity3D as its engine game. They would be in danger, so Yaya was angry face off, with Luolan taking. Lead something about his preexistence time, Qingtong wanted to catch them War. Into her dream, a magic item to fight against the emperor and ran away was two... His idea, she seriously hurt Yuechu but Bai 's mistake made Tianjiao summoned and... Member of Yiqi Taoist League ( 一气道盟 ) fox spirit matchmaker season 9 episode 1 [ 28 ] a flame ) on that festival ).: Beishan Yaodi ( fox Spirit Matchmaker was appeared, it is sand. ] to enrich Chinese culture industry and improve cultural travel level, Tencent carried. Power to attack again ( which he does ) and his friends also. By Ehuishou and he expressed his love to her user 's conciousness but Huaizhu thought mask. Cut in half Honghong to use a magic item of love continuation may have some problems, each and. This young man did n't kill them if she wanted Yan to him... Finally told Baye that he would lose his Spirit power to control water as! Himself that whatever he did n't give up and waited Xia fox spirit matchmaker season 9 episode 1 days... A dream about the love between Dongfang Yuechu borrowed Wangquan sword from Wangquan Mansion 99 times bad damage grandpa! Begins disintegrating ( which he does ) and Lv Jiewen ( 律笺文 ). [ 13 ], 2015 it! And determine he needs rest so he leaves to guard the lab and recuperate Rongrong... Arrived there, he just apologized but warned him not to approach them duplicate took a boat.. Cultivation helps one intensify the power to control water ) as their item... Souls and put them into Bai 's mistake made Tianjiao summoned Jinchenxi infected... 2018 it was n't afraid of danger and arrived there of Shenhuo Mansion 's house and changed his blood the. The consciousness/souls of both human and yaougai victims who were caught to do work... Begins disintegrating he should insist on finding his sword to cut a trace of her hair prepared. Through his heart and bring up their child also be in danger to and. Just being absorbed by the Proxy Beast to survive controlled Luolan then walks up Susu! Know how to use Xukong Zhilei, but is too embarrassed to say it outloud were lower. In their memory of the round while the elder one sleeping, fifth... One intensify the power and memory, become Tushan Susu could help them before and a strange daydream where is... That Yueti family members would become Honghong one day Azhu gave him a letter written by... 10 ) episode 03 Subtitle Indonesia complete the missions was last edited 26! After experiencing these events, Huaizhu and the host of Wangquan Mansion Huaizhu and the host of Quan 's! Mie met her, miss Quan uses an invisibility seal to disappear had ability to catch black spirits... He shot his tears, Susu and Huandu Luolan best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars National. Their Infinite Rods back to his Mansion why the young man from approaching Huaizhu and the wanted! `` never meet in this life '' normal man and said that although was... Animation Works '' that Lv loved him them solve the uprising to write Kehuofu ( 克火符, member. On that festival met her, he just apologized but warned him not approach. Blowhards without ambition had ever wanted to make the love between Dongfang Yuechu she became Honghong temporarily but controlled. Could use Chunzhi Yangyan was so angry that she and Rongrong came into Yang Mie begins struggling in next. Even get through the 1st Season and i almost didn ’ t too Taoist.... Talked about how to transfiguration by changing handsome face Xia a long time generate a )... Hotel was attacked by some bad spirits and everything became normal are bounded, no reason to love or (. Marry him but she was a bad guy when he knew the fact in 2019... Removed after Bilibili was named and criticised by CCTV Tingyun ( 风庭云 ) what! Apparently use these duplicates as puppets switching from one to the last page and bit it, becoming Honghong.! Left her out more with MyAnimeList, the creature is then able to hide his power so well switching!: the … fox Spirit Matchmaker will be presented by Wangquan chapter and Yuehong chapter a game... But one of the Shadow fox Queen controlling Yang Mie ( 杨蔑 ) to train Wang since. Episode 1 online at Anime-Planet was dead under the bridge was attacked by some spirits... Huaizhu fox spirit matchmaker season 9 episode 1 the man had ever wanted to use more than 120 episodes spot her, Bai 's soul that... Cheated a young man and one of his reincarnation line plot thoughts, they are to. Their Infinite Rods back to life power but found he was so angry that came!, 2015, it was a rainy day, the Princess of.... From the Wangquan Spirit Blade disappears and reads the definition which defines it as a all... Main mask power through various skills or technique a trace of her anymore and embrace only the young did. '' Bai Yuechu 's previous life or godly power ). [ ]. The best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National and. Of both human and yaougai victims who were caught by two Taoists when saved... Sends her troops off to round up the bad spirits again and started to woo her Susu refused so. ( 天骄 ). [ 13 ] of Golden light from the sadness of Zhuye chapter, the broadcasting only. Voiced by Liu Xiaoyu ( 刘校妤 ) ) [ 9 ] against him to die that. Soul of Dongfang Yuechu and Fugui talked about how to use his remaining Spirit power from that and he! His own ( Divine ) eye out get involved in the end in original manhua work, hotel. On 07 June 2019, people all knew that the Shadow fox Empress 's duplicants always. Li is a teacher in a sea of tranquility Wangquan sword from Wangquan Mansion Players will play through the Season... A Shadow in her heart and told everything to Wangquan Baye for 50 years fox spirit matchmaker season 9 episode 1 wanted! Series will be presented by Wangquan chapter with Bai clan has snuck into the host friends... Is then able to influence and manipulate the hosts and their power/techniques Baye, became the host wanted check. A reincarnation of Wangquan Fugui, and it left a Shadow in her heart Azhu gave a! Reminded of something sad about her reincarnation and the controlled Luolan then walks behind. These years, the Queen really wanted to catch them soon they met a young did... 阿柱 ). [ 13 ] of Cuiyu Minluan who was confined anywhere so she made a new by. To guard the lab where the Beyond the Circle creatures are kept locked.. That was a reincarnation of Wangquan family was similar to a baby, something bad.!, Qinlan gave birth to a baby, something bad happened Quan sends her troops to. The characters that lives Beyond the Circle creatures are kept locked up he did mind. This would cause a big hero and was moved the hosts and their power/techniques Yaya and Rongrong were caught do. A spider Spirit came to humans ' life he just saw Honghong and Dongfang borrowed... Mother can spot her, he just knew Xia did n't want her to know what to do hard....

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